Producing without GMOs: our philosophy

Regularly at the heart of controversies, GMOs or genetically modified organisms do not only have supporters! Indeed, although their genetically modified nature gives them very important powers of adaptation to the environment (drought, bad weather, parasites etc.), they remain harmful for the planet and for our health, at a high level degree! For these reasons, at Fresh & Saucy Foods, we have chosen to produce 100% GMO-free.

Sustainability is at the heart of our company and its values

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, sustainability is one of our 6 points of commitment. We make sure that we produce sustainably and respect the environment around us. Due to a high adaptation to herbicides and the risks of crossing with other plants, GMOs are a real threat in terms of pollution and degradation of the ecosystem. Likewise, the pesticides used during their growth decimate non-target insects such as butterflies and ladybugs. For these reasons, GMOs are contrary to our philosophy of sustainability.

We make safe products!

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, these same ethical values lead us to only manufacture products that are safe for our customers – classic sauces, natural vegan sauces, ready meals, etc. Although GMOs have never been proven to be food safe, there is no scientific consensus that they are safe. For these reasons, we choose to take no risk.

We innovate but always with wisdom!

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, we continuously innovate, for example by optimizing our manufacturing processes, creating new products or even bringing new solutions to our customers. Innovation is part of our core business and we will always go in this direction. Despite everything, innovation must be meaningful and respect the values we bring to our planet and the health of our customers. Therefore, “innovations” such as GMOs have no place in our corporate philosophy.

We strive for a just world

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, we decide not to encourage the degradation of the standard of living of farmers in certain developing countries. Indeed, the cultivation of GMOs is a cost for farmers and the pollution of their land a threat to their economic future.

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