Fresh & Saucy Foods is a fast-growing, young organization that operates in the food sector. We specialize in, among other things, making sauces, salads and vegetable sauces tailored to our customers. Within Fresh & Saucy Foods we work with a young, driven and ambitious team. To further guarantee our growth, we are looking for the following vacancies.

For all of the above functions, being able to read, write and understand the Dutch language is a must. To maintain our flexibility, you can easily change departments and you are not tied to a fixed team of people. You can work independently and manage the people below you and coordinate the activities on the floor. You are passionate and not afraid to roll up your sleeves. You see work yourself and do not have to be put to work by your department manager all the time. Of course you work strictly in accordance with hygiene and safety regulations. Please check the checklists and fill them in carefully.

Interested? Send us your contact details!