Fresh & Saucy Foods and its distribution brands adopt a new positioning and a new visual identity!

Fresh & Saucy Foods and its distribution brands adopt a new positioning and a new visual identity!

You must have noticed that Fresh & Saucy Foods went under the knife for some relifting ! Its visual identity, its new ranges of products and its new websites, we have worked hard to give our company the character it deserves!

The creation of a new distribution brand

Fresh & Saucy Foods now owns two distribution brands for different markets and needs: Culin’Arte and August & Henri.

Culin’Arte, which is one of the two existing brands that has existed since the creation of our company, targets catering markets, healthy restaurants, and caterers. Its offer is based on the following products: sauces, spreads for tapas and sandwiches, légumaises for sandwiches, bagels and others. The brand took advantage of a redesign of its logo and the changes in its offer with new recipes based on the international cuisine.

August & Henri, in the other hand, is our brand new brand created for the popular market, the medium and large distribution, the french fries trucks and the fast food restaurants. It represents the “belgitude”, the traditional character and the international notoriety of the belgian sauces. Our offer includes the famous classic sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup, andalouse, samurai, brazil, tartare, etc. but also dozens of other recipes, they, more special! – To discover them, you can download our brochure by clicking here. This new brand has thus inherited the names of August and Henri, respectively the great-great-grandfather and the great-grandfather of Christoph, the founder and successor of our company, thus representing the creative and innovative stamp of our Belgian sauces produced until now!

A new visual identity for our 3 brands

Our company Fresh & Saucy Foods and its 2 distribution brands, Culin’Arte and August & Henri now enjoy a brand new visual identity!

Fresh & Saucy Foods has a new logo: red & green, the colors of nature, freshness and excitement! In recent months, we have worked on several versions of our logo that ended up on this one. A logo that represents our values: freshness, innovation, sustainability, trust, commitment.

Culin’Arte took advantage of a similar change in the logo: an artistic signature underlined in a circle that represents a plate, the symbol of the art of the table.

Finally, August & Henri has created a brand new logo representing August & Henri in the creation of sauces just like their true story!

New websites !

In the same vein as our new visual identity, we have redesigned our websites. For Fresh & Saucy Foods, we have chose a style that, like our logo, is fresh and meets our values ​​of freshness, flexibility, innovation, sustainability, trust and commitment. Similarly, we have highlighted the halal nature of the company that now uses only meat and halal products – no pork meat is allowed in our production plant. Discover or rediscover our website:

Regarding Culin’Arte, our website has been completely redesigned and now reflects the creative and artistic character of our brand! You can find it on the following address:

Our next August & Henri website:

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More flexible and varied services for private labels and exporters

Since its creation, Fresh & Saucy Foods has been producing sauces for several private labels and for exporters in the four corners of the world (Benelux, Southern Europe, Central Europe, UAE, Latin America and Central America). Thanks to new systems introduced internally recently, we have developed an even greater flexibility and speed of production for small, medium and large quantities. So we produce both for own brands with no production plant and for those owning one. We can help existing brands respond to an over demand of production if their production lines are not enough!

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