Teambuilding – Beyond Reality

On January 13, 2023, we celebrated our annual team building at Fresh & Saucy Foods.

In order to link the pleasant to the useful, we started with a training on our hygiene and quality regulations. Our quality department put together an informative and interactive training, in which every employee was involved to reflect on the most important guidelines.

After a delicious sandwich lunch, it was time to let off steam at BattleKart in Herentals. The slogan of BattleKart is Beyond Reality for a reason. “With BattleKart you don’t play WITH the video game, but IN IT!”, BattleKart is a mix of video games, augmented reality and karting. We competed with colleagues on the digitally projected race track. As the missiles flew down the track, oil slicks were dropped and turbo modes were activated, we tried to complete the most number of laps in the fastest time. From the happy faces and animated conversations afterwards, we can deduce that this was a great success for everyone!

Our team building was concluded in the evening with a cozy winter barbecue, where our delicious sauces provided the finishing touch! It’s great that we get to work together with such a nice team every day!

Just like on the racetrack, Fresh & Saucy Foods is ready to rock again this year. We keep growing, we keep innovating and we keep motivating our employees!

Would you also like to be part of this #dreamteam and challenge us to our new team building next year? Take a quick look at our vacancies!