VCDO laureate 2024

Fresh & Saucy Foods: sustainability, you can taste it!

This year we can once again call ourselves a VCDO laureate for the 6th year in a row! Thanks to our continued commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the VOKA evaluation committee rewarded us again this year with the VCDO certificate 2024.

What is the VCDO certificate?

The VCDO certificate (Flemish Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship) is awarded to companies that are actively committed to sustainability in various areas, including the environment, society and economy. With Fresh & Saucy Foods we prove that we not only produce delicious sauces, but also try to contribute to a better world.

Our sustainability efforts

We have made many efforts with Fresh & Saucy Foods in the past year to promote sustainability, including:

  1. Optimizing waste flows: by recovering internally used packaging, we were able to reduce our waste flow. Better separation of our residual flows ensures more efficient collection and processing. In addition, our water treatment plant was also optimized for better water quality at discharge.
  2. Increasing occupational safety: through monthly safety tours and discussions, we were able to identify problems or hazards more quickly and respond to them faster and better in order to increase general safety for our employees.
  3. Digitalization efforts: work instructions and cleaning registrations are now offered digitally so that they are available to everyone, easy to find and always up to date.
  4. Training plans: by further developing our training plan, we ensure that every employee is entitled to further training. This is done through both internal and external training.

SDGs in practice

We also translate all our efforts back into the specific SDGs, so we started working on, among other things:

  • SDG 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure): of course we constantly try to innovate and improve our production environment. This concerns efforts from energy monitoring, to new technologies and employer branding.
  • SDG 13 (Climate Action): responsible entrepreneurship by better mapping waste flows, further digitalization, developments of a new sauce range …
  • SDG 17 (Partnership to achieve objectives): we very often collaborate with other companies to achieve our objectives. Fortunately, we can rely on a number of very good partners for this.

Thanks to this certificate, we hope to demonstrate that we handle our production responsibly and help build positive change.

On to a tasty and sustainable future!