We shoot sharp!

Our brave employees from Fresh & Saucy Foods competed in two epic team building activities in recent weeks. Here you will get a look behind the scenes of our sporty and tasteful adventures.

Laser shooting with Kiara: always a hit!

The laser shooting started with a bang (literally). Kiara, our HR manager, turned out to be the sharpest shot of everyone. Like a true ninja, she maneuvered through the dark maze and hit everyone in her path. Determining strategy with your team and getting to know each other better in a fun and relaxing environment: a direct hit!

Football: fun, rain and lots of sauce

It is common knowledge that there are many football fans within our team. The battle for the best team in the country is often discussed during the break. Time to put those words into action and put our best football foot forward. At the company cup in Grobbendonk, our team achieved a nice 5th place. Like true Messis, our strikers cut through the proverbial mayonnaise and turned the opposition into chicken curry. Our delicious sauces could of course not be missed during the barbecue in the afternoon.

Sauce always wins

2 days full of action, teamwork and of course delicious sauces! At Fresh & Saucy Foods we know that sauce is not just for your fries, it is our lifestyle and our passion. Would you like to share our passion and be part of this great team? Quickly check our vacancies!