Culin’Arte: a brand that stands out for its quality, durability and innovation.

Culin’Arte: a brand that stands out for its quality, durability and innovation.

Culin’Arte is the branch of Fresh & Saucy Foods dedicated to caterers, restaurateurs and hospitality professionals. Under this brand, we produce garnish salads, sauces, prepared salads but also légumaise®. The products in this range benefit from continuous innovation in terms of quality, variety and durability. Find out in this article what sets us apart on the market!

In-house production

The products of the Culin’Arte range are manufactured in our own factory in Herentals, which guarantees our customers absolute control over the manufacturing process but also the traceability of the raw materials used. These standards are guaranteed by the IFS (International features standards) certifications that we have and which represent international standards for quality and safety.

R&D and innovation: Culin’Arte is constantly developing

Culin’Arte products regularly experience improvements in quality and composition. Our recipes are constantly improved by the R&D department, which also innovates according to customer requests and culinary market trends. At Fresh & Saucy Foods, R&D and innovation are major points that differentiate us and set us apart in our sector. Our range of flavors is also wide and includes recipes from all over the world.

Production flexibility & tailor-made

Culin’Arte benefits from the production flexibility of Fresh & Saucy Foods, our parent company. Indeed, our production lines have the capacity to produce small but also larger volumes, which allows customers of all sizes to source Culin’Arte products. Likewise, we produce tailor-made recipes at the request of chefs and other hospitality professionals.

A sustainable company active in reducing plastic waste

Culin’Arte aims to be sustainable and makes every effort to minimize its ecological footprint. In practice, we do not offer any individual packaging: all our products are packaged in squeezers and buckets. In the same vein, our company is participating this year in the VCDO program, which is a program led by VOKA and which aims to support companies through actions linked to the 17 UN objectives in terms of sustainable development. At the end of this program, Fresh & Saucy Foods will be able to receive VCDO certification.

Every day, we are proud to produce dozens of recipes for sauces, prepared salads and pasta salads with values of quality, safety and sustainability. Want to know more ? Visit the Culin’Arte website or contact our customer service at

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