Fresh & Saucy Foods as a pioneer

Fresh & Saucy Foods as a pioneer

After a successful three-year trajectory of VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship, we can proudly call ourselves a Sustainable Development Goals pioneer, a prominent recognition of the United Nations.

Conscious entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur you can no longer ignore it: energy-conscious entrepreneurship has become a daily thing. The United Nations has therefore drawn up 17 Sustainable Development Goals to significantly improve the life of everyone on earth. These Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short, are subdivided into five themes: planet, people, partnership, prosperity and peace.

Digitization and automation

Covid-19 has accelerated digitization and automation. The pursuit of digitization and automation was in any case one of our priorities. The implementation of digitization and automation both in production and in the office was necessary. By moving from a server version to the cloud version, remote working has never been easier. Another advantage of this digitization is the reduction of errors and the reduction of paper consumption. All data is now always fully available to make the right decisions and priorities at any time, with high-quality monitoring.

Water treatment optimization

One of the objectives was to analyze and optimize our water treatment. Initially, both the waste water and the rainwater were sent through our water treatment plant. This means that our water treatment plant had to work harder and use more chemicals than necessary. To solve this, a separate circuit has been provided so that the rainwater no longer runs over the water purification system. This results in less energy and chemical consumption. At a later stage, it will be examined whether the rainwater can be collected for, for example, sanitary or other matters.

Waste processing

At the end of 2019, we took a closer look at our waste. Waste needs to be sorted better. We succeeded: the residual waste in 2020 has been reduced by about 18% compared to 2019, with the same turnover!

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