Légumaises®, healthy alternatives to classic sauces! Discover their advantages.

Légumaises®, healthy alternatives to classic sauces! Discover their advantages.

Excellent healthy alternatives full of vitamins, Légumaises® are “sauces” made from vegetables and condiments. This word does not exist in the dictionary and yet it represents an ingredient more and more used and appreciated in sandwich shops and “healthy” restaurants, sometimes at the expense of classic sauces!

Légumaises® : in sandwiches, burgers, salads and cooked dishes

The goal of Légumaises® is to provide a healthy, low-fat solution to consumer meals. Sandwiches, raw salads and starchy salads are the meals most affected by it. For example, they can be found in the form of sauces in chicken sandwiches, shrimps, falafels or even in salads with basic ingredients such as bulgur, lentils, chickpeas, wheat and mixed with raw vegetables such as tomato, onion and raw salad. But that’s not all ! Légumaises® are also very popular in cooked dishes such as dishes based on chicken, fish, accompanied by rice or other starchy foods and give them a healthy and delicious flavor. Their primary advantages? Their flavor and their “ready to use” character.

A healthy alternative with little fat

With a very low fat composition, Légumaise® is a healthy “sauce” that allows you to eat with taste and in a balanced way, unlike a traditional sauce. Indeed, it only contains between 10 and 15% fat while a classic sauce can contain up to 85%. In addition, the vitamins and minerals they contain are necessary and beneficial to our health. For example, in a Légumaise® made from carrots, we can find elements such as carotenoid which contributes to good mental health and reduce cardiovascular risks. In this sense, each Légumaise® will bring its lots of benefits to our body!

Natural preparations without preservatives, gluten, flavor enhancers and added sugars

Prepared only with vegetables and condiments, Légumaises® are products that do not contain gluten and are therefore suitable for people who are intolerant or allergic to gluten. In addition, no preservatives, flavor enhancers or sugars are added, making them 100% natural and healthy!

An advantageous texture and a ready-to-use character

Légumaises® have a very pleasant texture that is easy to incorporate into various dishes and with different ingredients such as rice, bulgur, potatoes but also raw vegetables in general. Likewise, their dense texture allows them to be used on rolls, tapas, and other appetizers for aperitifs.

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, these are packaged in tubes that make them even easier to use! It is then enough to spread it on a salad, a dish or to arrange it in an aperitif cup. Easy!

Varied and international flavors

One of the other advantages of Légumaises® is that they can be produced from various and international flavors. At Fresh & Saucy Foods, we are currently producing 5 Légumaises® and more are in the works. Our current range consists of the following flavors:

  • carrot and ginger
  • tomato and basil
  • tomato and almonds
  • celeriac and yellow curry
  • coconut red curry


These products are ordered by many well-known restaurateurs and restaurant chains where they are used in salads, as spreads or sauces for sandwiches.

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