A word from the expert: the rules governing the export of sauces to Europe, Africa and Canada.

A word from the expert: the rules governing the export of sauces to Europe, Africa and Canada.

Due to the physico-chemical compositions of sauces, the export of these is governed by very specific requirements. In Europe, Africa or Canada, food hygiene and safety rules are not all the same. Niels Lemmens our financial manager and Els Wulleman our quality manager explained to us during an interview the rules and requirements related to the export of our sauces to Fresh & Saucy Foods.

Two certifications required for sauce manufacturers depending on the export destination

The certificate of origin and the certificate of sanitary conformity are the two certifications required for the export of our sauces. The first, required by all customs, signifies the origin of the exported consignments indicating the place of the last substantial transformation of the exported food. This certificate is considered the keystone of international customs regulations.

The second is a health compliance certificate required by the public health authorities of certain countries such as Canada, Morocco, The Gambia, Mauritius or the UAE. He guarantees to the customs agent that the exported products are in sanitary rule for entry into the country.

Food safety and hygiene standards

Depending on the country and continent, the requirements for food safety and hygiene standards vary. At Fresh & Saucy Foods, European standards apply. They are also internationally considered to be the most stringent, an element which fully guarantees the reliability of our products for export.

Food additives: what dosage for export?

The dosages of food additives also vary depending on the country of export. For the production of our sauces, we follow the standards set out by the European Food Security Agency (EFSA), the European body responsible for setting the maximum dosages of additives in food products.

The packaging is regulated by European law and meets safety standards

At Fresh & Saucy Foods, our packaging is certified by an approved body and meets Regulation 1935/2004 concerning materials and objects intended to come into contact with food. This aspect makes it possible to export all over the world without any health risk.

Every day, dozens of sauces that we export to the 4 corners of the world and which comply with all the aforementioned regulations. Would you like to know more about our products? Download our brochure.

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